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Hello Tease (PreOrder)

Hello Tease (PreOrder)

by kelsie hoss

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Men view love as a game. One you can walk away from.

At least that’s what the men in my life have taught me. My dad ran off when I was young, and just when I thought I was getting my own happily ever after, my ex left me on my own with two kids.

Trying to pick up the pieces, I move to a small town where I can have help from my children’s grandparents. I think I know what to expect from small-town life. Until I meet my new neighbor.

Knox Madigan. Local hero. Great smile. So hot I'm sure I’d be burned if I got too close.

Literally. He and my kids are in a major prank war. From whoopie cushions in my bed to snapping fireworks under my front door mat, I’ve witnessed it all. But I can’t hold it against him because my kids are smiling more than I’ve seen since their dad left. 

Every meddling person in this town thinks we’d be the perfect match, but I know better.

History’s shown men view love as a game, and he’s an expert. But I can’t afford to play with my heart again. Especially since it’s not just my heart on the line.


NARRATORS: Allyson Voller and Luke Welland


Why you'll love this book:

  • Plus size heroine
  • Hot hero who loves her curves
  • Heartfelt happily ever after

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About Kelsie

Kelsie writes steamy rom coms that will make you laugh, cry, and dream of happily ever after! Her heroines are real, curvy women and her heroes are the kinds of men we deserve!

When you buy from this site, you're supporting Kelsie and her work directly, all while getting an amazing story!

In all of Kelsie's books, you’ll find amazing curvy women, heartwarming moments, and plenty of laughter.

She currently lives in Colorado where she watches way too many rom coms, chases her three boys up the mountains (huffing and puffing), and writes books for lovely readers like you.