Sensitive Content

 Dear reader,

I always want my books to be a safe place for you! However, since it would be difficult to exclude all triggers from my stories, I want to make you aware of them here. If you have further questions or if I missed something, please don’t hesitate to email me at kelsie @ kelsiehoss . com.

Hello Single Dad

On Page

  • Money struggles
  • Pregnancy

Described in History

  • Divorce
  • Diet culture
  • Conversion therapy
  • Addiction
  • Abuse

Hello Fake Boyfriend

On Page
  • Stalking (father sends her a letter she believes is threatening but he is actually asking her to see him in rehab)
  • Discovers the death of estranged parent
  • Pregnancy announcement
Described in History
  • Alcoholism/abusive parents
  • Absent parent

Hello Temptation

On Page

  • fatphobia from others
  • negative self talk
  • Grandma falls and sustains a fracture
  • Henrietta (poc) mentions worries about visiting small town Texas with white boyfriend

    Described in History

    • Grandpa dying of cancer in hospice

    Hello Billionaire

    On Page
    • Son hears Dad say that he only married Mom because he was on the way
    • Mom mentions concerns about dating because of potential predators
    • Son falls on playground and gets a concussion and bites through lips. Requires hospital visit and stitches.
    Described in History
    • Cheating ex-husband

    Hello Doctor

    On Page
    • Male main character (MMC) has anxiety attack brought on by PTSD
    • MMC tells Female main character (FMC) about a child he helped at the hospital who was attacked by coyote - no in-depth medical details
    • MMC is divorced from his child’s mother
    • MMC’s friend is diagnosed with skin cancer, they find out it is treatable with a surgery to remove it
      Described in history
      • MMC’s mom died of cancer
      • MMC asked his daughter’s mom to get an abortion


      Hello Heartbreaker

      On Page

      • Male main character (MMC) "punishes" female main character (FMC) with spanking/rough sex
      • FMC is estranged from mother
      • FMC's best friend becomes pregnant and has a baby

        Described in history

        • FMC's mom cheated on dad and then entered an abusive relationship
        • FMC's dad's home goes into foreclosure. FMC is able to pay off his debt.