10 Best Rom Com Novels with Plus Size Characters

10 Best Rom Com Novels with Plus Size Characters

Curvy women are having their day in romance novels, and I am here for it! I pulled together my top 10 favorite romantic comedy with plus size leads!

These stories are full of beautiful curvy protagonists learning to accept themselves, falling in love, and having fun along the way. I think these books just about have it all. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and no matter what, you’ll have your heart warmed as you read through these wonderful stories. 


Grin and Beard It by Penny Reid

 The Cock Down the Block by Amy Award

 Hello Heartbreaker

 By A Thread by Lucy Score

 Mile High by Liz Thomforde

 Blindsided by Amy Dawes

 Never Marry Your Brother's Best Friend by Lauren Landish

 Muffin Top by Avery Flinn

 Set on You by Amy Lea

 Confessions of a High School Guidance Counselor by Kelsie Hoss

A lot of these books have a wonderful ‘fish out of water’ humor to them but it really shows that no matter what, no matter the situation or the people in it you can find a few things.

These books are showcases for beauty, humor, sexiness and positivity and show how you can find those traits in all things if you leave yourself open to it.

I hope you all love these sexy, humorous and wholesome stories and take that message of positivity with you everywhere you go.

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