Old Flames, New Beginnings: Rekindled Love in Fiction

Old Flames, New Beginnings: Rekindled Love in Fiction


Have you ever found yourself wondering about the one who got away, the opportunity you didn't seize, or the high school sweetheart who broke your heart? What if you could cross paths with them again, years down the road, when you've both grown, changed, and learned the ropes of love? The idea of rekindling that old flame, of rediscovering the crush who had your heart racing in high school, is dreamy.

What is the rekindled love trope?

Rekindled high school love is a captivating trope that explores these "what if" scenarios. It gives us the chance to delve into the possibility that love, even after years of personal growth and transformation, can endure and even thrive, showing that while people evolve, the essence of who they are remains constant. The traits that made them irresistible back then don't just vanish after time.

But how does one go about rekindling a high school love?

My favorite book with rekindled love

In Hello Heartbreaker, Maggie’s high school sweetheart had broken her heart, and when she returned to her hometown, fate intervened. Or rather Rhett Griffith inserted himself. 

By the time that interaction was over, Rhett walked out of the salon with the worst haircut of his life. Lol

If you’ve read Confessions of the Funny Fat Friend, Hello Billionaire, or Hello Doctor, you’ve heard of Rhett from his siblings' stories. His story, Hello Heartbreaker, is available now.


About the story

The first time I see the love of my life since he broke my heart, I’m holding a pair of hair clippers. Bad idea.

His butchered haircut wasn’t entirely my fault, but now I’m questioning my decision to move back to my small hometown.

After years of working in the city and getting nowhere, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to buy my own salon. All I have to do is prove to the current owner that I'm committed to the salon and Cottonwood Falls. Also located in Cottonwood Falls? Rhett Griffen, the one who broke my heart beyond repair all those years ago.

Rhett is hot as sin, and he knows it. Unfortunately, so does every other female in town. And while I was reeling from our breakup and working on my career, he was having the time of his life and not spending a second thinking about me.

But it’s been over a decade since then. I won’t let the playboy who turned my heart to stone be the one who keeps my dreams from coming true.

Even if he looks better than he did all those years ago.

Even if he’s determined to make it up to me and coaches his niece’s little league team like he has a secret heart of gold.

So I'll focus on my career and stay away from my first love, because second chances are only for the people who don't remember how much it hurt the first time around.

Hello Heartbreaker is a second chance romance with a reformed player, a determined curvy heroine, and enough spice to fill the whole cabinet ;).


Get your copy of Hello Heartbreaker HERE!


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