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Book Plate

Book Plate

by Kelsie Hoss

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Kelsie Hoss
  • Rock Your Kelsie Hoss Collection with your own Book Plate
  • Signed With Love and Delivered to Your Mailbox
  • The Perfect Piece of Jewelry to Add to Your Kelsie Hoss Books

 Kelsie Hoss Book Plate

Available for a Limited Time

💋 Author's Personal Touch: A decorative sticker bearing Kelsie's personal signature exclusive to the Kelsie Hoss store.

💕 Bookish Jewelry: A beautiful way to personalize the interior of your Kelsie Hoss book collection.

🎁 Perfect for Gifting: Whether you're sharing with a kindred, curvy spirit or indulging your own fantasies, this book plate is the ultimate gift for lovers of Kelsie's plus size romance.

🚚 $0.99 Shipping: on each book plate orders. So, you can indulge in your fandom for Kelsie Hoss books.

Don't resist the allure, purchase your tempting book plate today and let your curvy colors shine bright! 🔥💋

*The window to order your book plate closes October 20, 2023. Orders are scheduled to ship the week of Thanksgiving (US Thanksgiving), but there is no guarantee delivery before Christmas.

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